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Montessori Education

If your child is diagnosed as a 2-3 years old they will hopefully get a place in a preschool or a autism spectrum disorder preschool. This will hopefully give them the early intervention that will enable them to attend a mainstream primary school. One of our sons attended a unit for two years before he was mainstreamed. This was a fantastic stepping stone for him as the unit had only 7 children and full access to a SNA and a SLT AND OT.

Primary School / Mainstream Education

As soon as he went into mainstream we had to fight for everything!! We had regular meetings with the SENO (Special educational needs officer) to prove that our sons were still worthy or needy enough for a few hours access to a special needs assistant. This is a very difficult situation to be in. As soon as our children have support from the special needs assistant their behaviour improves, when they are seen to be functioning well, their support is withdrawn.